St. James Way

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St. James Way (hotel As Torres da Hermida)


As Torres da Hermida Hotel it is located during the 29th stage to St. James way, next to Ligonde, at only 4,8 km from the way itself, 7 minutes in our free of charge daily pick up and drop off shuttle service to the way. Located at 11 km. from Palas de Rei and 20 km. from Portomarin. Our privileged site, locates us on the crossroads of the French, Original and Winter ways.

An oasis during the hardest stages of your journey, the stages where the legs accumulate fatigue and do not feel as light as at the beginning. Treat yourself and rest in our hotel, to be able to achieve the final goal and enjoy that one of a lifetime moment, the arrival at Obradoiro Square.

Exclusive Location

As Torres da Hermida Hotel it is located in a strategic position for pilgrims who want to walk the St. James Way without having to move hotels, by being located practically in the middle of the St. James Way  from Sarria (place where most of the pilgrims start the way) to Santiago de Compostela, 4/5 stages, minimum required rout to obtain the Credential or Compostela.

We offer a special shuttle service, consisting of a pickup and drop off on each of the stages and transportation back to the hotel, where you will be able to sleep and keep the same room during the entire journey to Santiago de Compostela. (Check for special prices and availability, also fitted to those guest who have their own transportation)